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Formed in 2015, eSports Talent agency (eTa) represents esports professionals who work in the competitive gaming (esports) industry. These are professionals working in gaming, casting, streaming, and vlogging. eTa also represents writers and journalists specialized in the esports industry. Created in response to the needs of this immensely growing industry eTa was built around the personal and professional needs of our clients, not only providing representation, but also career planning, financial guidance, travel support, marketing, and much more.

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About Me

I provide consulting for companies interested in esports. From start ups to major multinationals. If you're interested in joining the wondrous world of esports: Feel free to call me (+31 6 47 59 51 31) or email me (esportstalentagency@gmail.com) to schedule a session.

Kadir Oz
Founder the eSports Talent Agency